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Over whelmed!

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There seem to be hundreds of knitting, crochet and sewing projects that i’m working on at the moment, and i am now feeling a little overwhelmed (something that doesn’t really happen that much). I keep trying to organize my time and put things in order, but some how life just seems to get in the way- not to mention the fact that i want to do everything!

I’m using this as an excuse for not blogging in a while, but i really should have found time :s The plane pictures from knit in public day are now up though, (yay!) and i’ll add more as soon as i can get the memory card from the camera to comply to my demands!

Other exciting news is that i have finally got the Malabrigo Sock weight yarn up for sale on my Etsy shop MagpieShineyEmporium

There are a variety of gorgeous colours to choose from, and i am happy to alter postage costs as needed if you want more than one skein or don’t mind going second class etc.

image(11) image photo 4

Whilst doing everything in the world at once I came across this wonderful “how to” from a vintage knitting magazine. It’s by Margaret Maino and is about knitting blunders- in this case dropping stitch, which i’m sure is most knitters worst nightmare! I wanted to pass it along to you to try and ease any sleepless nights you may have in the future because of this 🙂

20140630-151720-55040990.jpg 20140630-151721-55041597.jpg

Happy problem solving people 🙂




Feel Absolutely Fabulous darling!

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So while I’m waiting for my spangle-shirten to go through the blocking process, i started- yes you got it- yet another project! And if i may say so, it is an absolutely fabulous one!

My wonderful mum often ends up doing night shifts, and it seems that heating gets turned off at night, so in response she got a cheap and cheerful snuggly cardigan. But it is somewhat…. beige!!!! The only thing to do was spangle it! Or maybe up-cycle is the correct terminology?

I started off injecting some colour with some of the funky yarns in my stash, those fun ones you buy on a whim in the sale, but never have quite enough of to do anything with.


I used a variation of Swiss darning:


Using some of the more obscure fluffy wools, I crocheted along the edges of the sleeves and bottom hem to add that weird and wacky element 🙂

Around the front edge I blanket stitched some fantastic bright pink Malabrigo wool (for the little girl in all of us).


On the back i got to do a bit of graphitti designing with some fabric paints that i definitely need to start using more often! (Jacquard Textile Colors)


With a bit of embroidery over the top the graphitti addition seemed to become part of the cardigan, as opposed to a random scribble, that is!

20140428-165612.jpgI’m sure when i come across some large buttons or toggles, the front fastenings will change, but until then i think it should brighten up any cold night shift- and hopefully keep my mum warm as well!