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Cornwall Inspiration

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Last week i was honored to be invited to the opening of a wonderful art exhibition in Bude, Cornwall!

The exhibition was entitled “In our Element” and was full of the wonderful works of Chris Edwards and Elaine Nash.

Elaine Nash has got to be one of my favorite artists! She works mainly in water colours, creating an is so ethereal and some how magical feel to her work. They are almost representative of a calm and peaceful dream world, full of colours and shifting shadows that you want to step into. Often with figures wandering off into the distance on a wonderful journey.



photo(14)Don’t get me wrong though, Chris Edwards pieces are also pretty damn amazing!

photo(13) photo(12)She uses oil for her pieces, and has the amazing ability to recreate Cornish landscapes, especially the rocks. You could almost be looking at a photograph; except that her brush strokes seem to add movement, the wind and the sea swirling gently around.

Chris and Elaine also invited 3 new and upcoming artists to exhibit with them.

Claire Catt picture 01By Clare Catt

Clare works mostly in mixed media, creating abstract works inspired by the Cornish coastline and it’s ever changing weather. I love the bold colours she uses, i really feel the sea swirling and crashing against the rocks looking at these pieces.

Liane tancock picture

By Liane Tancock

Liane’s work focuses on the smaller aspects of nature, and is currently working with charcoal and ink. I love the painstaking detail she manages to capture, making even the smallest things beautiful and eye catching.

Bryan Sentance pictureBy Bryan Sentance

Bryan is a wood worker, creating 3D pieces from drift wood off the beaches and being inspired by the birds and nature he is surrounded by at the time. Each one of his gorgeous creations has it’s own personality- inside the gallery you still felt surrounded by wild life.

The exhibition will be on until the 22nd of August, and i definitely recommend going and having a loo and maybe afterwards going for a wander along the coast line? And a cream tea in the cafe as well 🙂

Their work is for sale and i can only regret being unable to purchase it all! But i did come away with some lovely cards with their pieces on the front- though they have now been sent out to friends and family as opposed to the traditional holiday postcards! I may have to start putting some money aside for the real things 🙂

I can honestly say i feel inspired and moved by their works of art, and after a week away camping in the fantastic Cornwall, I have come back itching to start new projects!

Elaine and Chris

              Elaine and Chris



                Me, Elaine and Dave

(Yeah, that’s right! I got a photo with the artist! 🙂 )