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Mystery Knit A-Long

Have you ever been part of a knit along or KAL?

A KAL is when a group of people get together, all knitting or working on the same project. A mystery knit-a-long is when you don’t know exactly what you’re going to be creating…

The idea of this one being that you will learn new stitches as you go, and create something to treasure as well.

For those of you who want to get involved, the first mystery KAL is going to be a scarf (or a snood depending on your preference). Each fortnight the next section of the pattern will be put up here on-line for you to download and have a go at, the mystery being that although you will have a written pattern you won’t be given a picture of what you will be creating.

You will need 260 meters/ 285 yards of yarn for the single wrap snood, 550 meters/ 600 yards for the double wrap snood, and 610 meters/ 660 yards for the scarf.

If you get stuck, come along to the knit and natter group and I will only be too happy to help, or drop me an e-mail at

Have fun!

Knit A-Long Scarf section 1

Knit A-Long Scarf section 2

Knit A-Long Scarf section 3

Knit A-Long Scarf section 4

Knit A-Long Scarf section 5

Knit A-Long Scarf section 6

Knit A-Long Scarf section 7

Knit A-Long Scarf section 8

Knit A-Long Scarf section 9

Knit A-Long Scarf section 10

Knit A-Long  Scarf section 11

Knit A-Long Scarf section 12


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  1. Hi Anna! When will section 2 be coming? x

  2. Great! All ready for section 2. The first section is only small – is that right? I enjoyed doing it though. How much wool will be needed for the whole thing?

    • Yes, the first section is rather small, but section 2 is much bigger 🙂
      There are 3 sizes, either a single wrap snood (about 22″ long), a double wrap snood or a scarf. I’ll put the wool amounts up for you 🙂


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