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Knit Planes in Public!

Exciting news! I have been asked to get involved with this years Knit in Public Day at Birmingham Library on Saturday June 14th- I cannot wait!

The plan is to fill the library with planes, in association with Britain from Above. To this end, I’m asking you all to get involved and make planes! Come along to knit and natter, get in touch or just turn up on the day, when I shall be running free work shops for you and your friends/ family.

It would be great to have some planes already there, so I’m putting up some simple knit and crochet patterns for you to have a go at if you want? (though you are welcome to design your own 🙂 )

plane 1

Crocheted Aeroplane Pattern


Knitted Aeroplane Pattern

If you want any more info about Britain from Above, check out their lovely site

These are the photos from our knit planes in public day 🙂 We even had boys joining in, and if that’s not a success I don’t know what is! (In the UK guys don’t seem to knit…maybe they do it in private… as apposed to the rest of the world where most famous designers seem to be men.)

We covered the library in over 30 hand knitted planes, and had people both turn up for the whole day as well as an hour or so. Not to mention visitors to the library who were delighted to find fellow knitters and crocheters, and happily joined in for a while. A big thank you to everyone for making this such a wonderful day!


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