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When knitting and crocheting, you have to contend with codes… k1tbl, p2tog, c6 etc. And on the whole you’re given a key to use and are able to translate everything very well (knit 1 through the back loop, purl 2 together, cable 6)
But what about all of the terms that seem to pop up but are never explained?
There seems to be an expectation that as a knitter/ crocheter you automatically know them all- some kind of telepathic downloading that takes place as soon as you touch wool! Soo not the case!


FROGGED: this refers to having knitted/ crocheted something up either completely or partially and then deciding that you don’t want the item after all, and undoing it all (ripping it back) so as to be able to use the yarn again.


FUDGED: alas this does not refer to the gorgeous sweet (drools), but carrying on regardless when you make a mistake or the pattern doesn’t work, and fudging it so that it still looks right. I.e. when you forget to do an increase on a row but don’t realise till you’re half who through the next one, and so increasing invisibly on that row instead to keep the correct number of stitches.


WIP: also referred to as “whipped” is a project you’re currently working on; there is now the common phrase of Whipped Wednesday where you share your current projects with others every Wednesday.


UFO: these are all of your Un Finished Objects – all of those projects that you’ve been distracted from and haven’t yet finished (I have a shed full!)


FINISH OFF FRIDAY: is a bit like work in progress Wednesday, but you show every one all the things you’ve completed since last Friday πŸ™‚

STASH: what’s in your stash? All of that wool that you’ve fallen in love with and had to have, all of that sale wool you have yet to figure out what to do with, and those odds and ends left over from other projects.


HIBERNATING: the same as UFO, something you have yet to finish and aren’t currently working on.

Hopefully this will help disentangle some of the mad phrases in the yarn world! Good luck πŸ™‚


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I am on a quest to fill the world with colour, happiness and craft! I currently run a knit & natter group which is very exciting, but soon i will branch out to take over the world...o.k. maybe not :)

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