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Do you have a favourite increase? When your pattern reads “increase”, what’s your automatic go to?
My favourite double increase comes from a wonderful book called “Knitting from the Top” by Barbara G. Walker. When worked in stocking stitch it creates a smooth, flowing increase with out any holes- perfect for raglan seams.


Unfortunately I have no name accept Double Increase #4 :s but here goes:
Knit to the stitch you want to increase on either side of, your “seam stitch”.


Knit into the back of the stitch in the row below the “seam stitch”, inserting needle downward into the purled head of this stitch on the wrong side of your work.



Then knit into the back of the “seam stitch” itself.


Then with left needle draw up the left side loop of the same stitch you picked up and knitted into in the row below, and knit into the back of this strand for the third stitch.



Ta da! A neat double increase 🙂



Unfortunately this stitch can only be created when working a knit row, but if you’re working in the round you can easily use it to increase on every row.

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