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I want to start a craze, a craze of mad multicoloured fun and fantastic jumpers- Spangle-shirtens!

The world seems full of greys and blues and beige, why not bright pink clashing with luminous green? You know you want to be out there having fun in these colours secretly!


I was checking out Simon West’s blog the other day (a fantastic knitting designer) and his knitting “gang” the fun squad have started a craze for Swants (aka trousers made out of sweaters).


Ya’ know what? I’m really tempted! And loads of others have been as well! Check out the tutorial and his amazing designs at

The first spangle-shirten is based on a pattern by Drops Design, called Cleo. (available to all on Ravelry or at

Don’t get me wrong, i love it made up in this purly grey; I just have the urge to step outside my comfort zone a bit- well a lot!

I’ ve started my plight with a combination of yarns, colours and stitches- is this too much? I won’t know till it’s made, and by then it will be too late to do anything but love it!





If all goes well I’ll be putting up a blog about the finished Spangle-shirten next week, and by then world domination can only be just around the corner, surely?…

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I am on a quest to fill the world with colour, happiness and craft! I currently run a knit & natter group which is very exciting, but soon i will branch out to take over the world...o.k. maybe not :)

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