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Feel Absolutely Fabulous darling!

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So while I’m waiting for my spangle-shirten to go through the blocking process, i started- yes you got it- yet another project! And if i may say so, it is an absolutely fabulous one!

My wonderful mum often ends up doing night shifts, and it seems that heating gets turned off at night, so in response she got a cheap and cheerful snuggly cardigan. But it is somewhat…. beige!!!! The only thing to do was spangle it! Or maybe up-cycle is the correct terminology?

I started off injecting some colour with some of the funky yarns in my stash, those fun ones you buy on a whim in the sale, but never have quite enough of to do anything with.


I used a variation of Swiss darning:


Using some of the more obscure fluffy wools, I crocheted along the edges of the sleeves and bottom hem to add that weird and wacky element πŸ™‚

Around the front edge I blanket stitched some fantastic bright pink Malabrigo wool (for the little girl in all of us).


On the back i got to do a bit of graphitti designing with some fabric paints that i definitely need to start using more often! (Jacquard Textile Colors)


With a bit of embroidery over the top the graphitti addition seemed to become part of the cardigan, as opposed to a random scribble, that is!

20140428-165612.jpgI’m sure when i come across some large buttons or toggles, the front fastenings will change, but until then i think it should brighten up any cold night shift- and hopefully keep my mum warm as well!




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I want to start a craze, a craze of mad multicoloured fun and fantastic jumpers- Spangle-shirtens!

The world seems full of greys and blues and beige, why not bright pink clashing with luminous green? You know you want to be out there having fun in these colours secretly!


I was checking out Simon West’s blog the other day (a fantastic knitting designer) and his knitting “gang” the fun squad have started a craze for Swants (aka trousers made out of sweaters).


Ya’ know what? I’m really tempted! And loads of others have been as well! Check out the tutorial and his amazing designs at

The first spangle-shirten is based on a pattern by Drops Design, called Cleo. (available to all on Ravelry or at

Don’t get me wrong, i love it made up in this purly grey; I just have the urge to step outside my comfort zone a bit- well a lot!

I’ ve started my plight with a combination of yarns, colours and stitches- is this too much? I won’t know till it’s made, and by then it will be too late to do anything but love it!





If all goes well I’ll be putting up a blog about the finished Spangle-shirten next week, and by then world domination can only be just around the corner, surely?…


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I’m feeling a little bit proud and famous today! Because…. knit and natter was featured in the BBC news! Check this out:

Well done us knit and natter’rs, we are now officially on the map as it were πŸ™‚

Woolly planes

On a mezzanine floor above the entrance, a group has gathered for a “knitting, crochet and woolly fun” session.

“This gets me to the library more often and I do come in a few hours early sometimes to look through the books,” says Anna Magpie, 23, from Erdington.

One bonus is being able to use the library bookshelves to find knitting patterns “as you need them”, she says.

“It has given me more access – I’m much more able to go and pick up a Wordsworth or a Dante than if I had to go to Erdington library, which is very small and not always open.”.

The group is busy making woolly versions of World War One era planes, to be hung from the library’s ceiling later this year.

“Coming here for knitting makes me aware of other things going on, like galleries and exhibitions,” says Laura Davies, 31, from Birmingham.

“I’ve never done this in a library before. It feels like more of a community thing; anyone can come in and use it, it’s not just for looking at books.”

Women attending a knitting session




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How many projects do you have on the go at the moment? Or Work In Progress’s as they are often known?
I must have millions! They are very much taking over my life- not to mention every available iota of space πŸ™‚ but I just can’t help myself, I’m one of those people who finds chaos in their life inspiring.

20140407-102734.jpgI wonder if the chaos theory applies?

Chaos: When the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future.

Also I tend to get bored when working on just the one project…plus I am very easily sidetracked- no one really knows how I get anything done πŸ™‚

I feel I should start working on finishing at least some of them off though, and try to stop getting side tracked. (Well apart from starting that set of baby socks…after all, I already have the wool and an idea of what I’m going to create.)



Maybe I should do a hat as well…


Quote of the Day

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I just wanted to share this fantastic quote put up by the novelty knitter πŸ™‚

the novelty knitter

β€œThose of you who feel knitting has changed your life,
welcome to the club. I can think of no better
occupation to reveal your own creativity.”

– Kaffe Fassett, Designer and Fiber Artist

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