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This weekend I have been having great fun helping out UK Hand Knits stand at the Birmingham NEC Sewing for Pleasure show!

Did you get a chance to visit? It’s been touring all round the country over the last month or so.

On the lovely UK Hand Knit’s stall we have been getting people involved in a world record: the longest knitted and crocheted chain!


The chain was originally started in 2012 by the WI, when they gained the world record for having the most people knitting simultaneously with 3,083 people! All of these rectangles were then sewn together later on to form a chain of green and white knitted links. (The wool was specially commissioned so as to be in the WI colours).


Since then the Crafts Council and UK Hand Knit have been adding to the chain in all colours with knitted and crochet links, and it is now over 1km long! Hopefully by getting people involved and publicizing the chain, the art of knitting, crochet and general crafting will never be a lost art. The Craft Club initiative wants to motivate the younger generation in learning these wonderful skills.

You can find out what’s happening to the chain at , and get involved with Craft Club at

Over the weekend loads of you had fun adding to the chain and being part of the world record attempt, and in many cases learned a new skill as well. If you’re part of a knit and natter group, why not get involved and send in some links for the chain?


I hope that your weekend was as fun and wooly as mine? 🙂

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I am on a quest to fill the world with colour, happiness and craft! I currently run a knit & natter group which is very exciting, but soon i will branch out to take over the world...o.k. maybe not :)

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