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A few months ago I, along with many of my relations, received a rather curious email:

I am hoping to create a felt hanging, as a surprise 50th birthday present by assembling felt squares made and embellished by you!
If you are interested in joining in please let me know your address and I will post you out a wee package of sheepy loveliness.

It turned out this was from Omi Pharncote, who was a close friend of the birthday girl in question and a fantastic artist. You can check her out at šŸ™‚


I had never done felting before, so apart from being a fantastic idea for a commemorative gift from loved ones, this was a brilliant excuse to learn a new craft!

As good as her word, Omi sent us lovely packages of felt pieces, bubble wrap and a piece of fine netting. We were also, thank fully,Ā  issued with comprehensive instructions.

First you need to take your 100% wool felt and decide on the picture you want. As first timers, my mum and I went for simplicity šŸ™‚

20140131-121737.jpg 20140131-121723.jpg

You then lay your designs on a tray, with the bubble wrap beneath them, and lay your netting over the top. Pour a concentrated mixture of washing up liquid and water over the top of your layers, and gently rub across the top of the netting.


After a few minutes of rubbing, peel off your netting, flip your felt over, put your netting back, and rub all over for a few mone minutes- more vigorously this time. Repeat this process several more times.

Then run your now felted piece under the tap to remove all the soap and gently wring out, before leaving to dry.


We embellished ours with thread and beads etc., before returning them to Omi, who created this beautiful wall hanging with them:

20140131-121700.jpg 20140131-121653.jpg

I love how everyone’s created something unique and personal, yet Omi has got all the panels working in harmony with each other.

I hope this inspires you to try felting, or do a collaborative project with friends!? Thank you for the inspiration Omi!

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