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So one of my new years revolutions is to save money, and to this end I am going to attempt not to buy any more wool until I’ve used up at least a little of my stash!

Over the years I have managed to collate an awful lot of Patons 4ply cotton yarn in multiple colours:

Image and after experimenting with afghan/ tunisian crochet I have decided to turn my hand to robot making 🙂 The basic stitch used creates a square/ block look, perfect for angular robot designs- or at least I’m hoping so!

ImageFirst I needed designs, and my lovely fiance Gnasher kindly agreed to help out:Image


We were able to expand on the original design slightly, and have had great fun creating more robot doodles! Which will make it to crocheted completion is yet to be seen…?

ImageThese are the first prototypes, more will be on the way with many interesting appendages! (I feel an army may be required.)

ImageIf you have any robot designs I would love to see them- and maybe create them? Please let me know 🙂




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I am on a quest to fill the world with colour, happiness and craft! I currently run a knit & natter group which is very exciting, but soon i will branch out to take over the world...o.k. maybe not :)

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  1. I bought a robot from Magpie and I absolutely love it! I think I’m going to have to get another cos they’re just so lush!


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